Nomadologist: architect teacher trainer in Ulaanbaatar

Sarah Bassett (reader and correspondent) writes of the work;

"I first came across the blog Nomadologist, authored by Gregory Cowan, by means of a
google search. I had been researching for nearly an hour and, to my utter delight, I had
happened upon one of the very few sources that spoke directly to my interest in
Mongolia's semi-urban ger districts. I had been applying for a Fulbright Scholarship to
Mongolia and was enthralled to read a detailed account of an 'architect, teacher, and
trainer' living and working in Ulaanbaatar at a Construction College. After reading
almost a year's worth of entries, I contacted Mr. Cowan, who has continued to be nothing but
helpful since our first email exchange. The content of the blog has not only aided me in
my exploration and understanding of an unfamiliar land, but it is also pertinent to major
issues in Mongolia. Mr. Cowan is unbelievably helpful and passionate about the work he
does and is an incredible resource of knowledge, without his help, I truly do not believe I
would have made it through finishing my Fulbright application."